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Thinking.Ahead.Strategies & Tactics


"Aircraft are marginal costs with wings"


Alfred E. Kahn, American economist and politician



Increasing competition, especially from new business models and decreasing yields causing new challenges. 

In today’s challenging aviation industry environment, the business dynamics are changing constantly. 
Many times airline owners and stakeholders find the business moving at very slow pace due to internal and external reasons. 

We can assist you to bring your under-performing business back to profitability or achieve higher profitability:

ADAVCO offers value-added, P-, VP-, C-level, strategic and tactical advice, analysis and guidance aimed at solving the challenges and problems faced by airline clients.

Sound strategies & tactics, its translation into operational planning and a professional project management are key factors for success.

We'll find the best strategy and tactical solution for your airline company. Our expertise is your benefit.

Our expertise: 

  • Airline Restructuring
  • Aircraft Acquisition & Remarketing (Purchase, Lease, ACMI, Charter, Investment)
  • Aviation Industry Analysis
  • Business trends and opportunities
  • Business Development
  • Crisis Management
  • Communication Strategies & Media Relations
  • Competitive Intelligence
  • Contract Negotiations
  • Cost Reduction Projects 
    (Balancing short-term tactical cost reductions with longer-term strategic cost initiatives. The goal: Sustainable cost reduction)
  • Engine Acquisition & Remarketing (Purchase, Lease, Charter, Investment)
  • Fleet Planning (Change, Optimization, Processing)
  • Financial Solutions & Concepts
    (i.e.: Aircraft financing;
    Currency Risk minimization in connection with extraordinary participation;
    Optimization of interest rates; Concepts for increase of financial liquidity through internal optimisation)
  • Fuel purchase strategies (i.e. Fuel hedging, procurement optimization)
  • Interim + Project Management (Executive Role, Company, Department, Project)
  • Legal advise (Contract, Agreement)
  • Marketing Strategy & SWOT Analysis
  • Revenue Enhancement
  • Route Analysis, Route Structure & Route Development
  • Route revitalization
  • Sales & Market Development & Optimization
  • Start-up & Launch Project Management 
    (Low Cost, Low Fare, Full Service, Network, Passenger & Cargo)
  • General Industry & Competitive Analysis
  • Target Market Analysis
  • Route Structure Development
  • Schedule Development
  • Marketing Strategy and SWOT Analysis
  • Aircraft Evaluation and Fleet Planning
  • Market Share & Revenue Forecasting
  • Operating (Business) Plan Development (Expenses)
  • Financial Model
  • Implementation strategy
  • Aircraft Sourcing
  • Staffing / Facilities
  • Enter into Service
  • Strategic Alliances 
  • Forming business alliances in markets
  • Finding potential business partners
  • Advice on market expansion strategies
  • Negotiations with possible partners
  • Strategy Implementation
  • Strategy & Tactics Revalidation - Transformation
  • Sustainable Cost Reduction
  • Tactical Business Solutions
  • Traffic-Right-Issues solutions
  • Special Mission Design and Supervision (Transport solutions)
  • Turn-Around Projects  
  • Identifying problem areas
  • Evaluating various options to tackle such problem areas
  • Suggesting and monitoring implementation of counter-measures
  • Turn-around and Business Re-structuring strategies and tactics

Get ahead to the top. Today. 

 Thinking. Ahead. Strategy & Tactics